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Birth: the incredible paradox.


In the separation of two beings who have been together for nine months, there is both joy and relief in the cleaving. 

Birth can be beautiful, but photographing only the beautiful moments wouldn’t be a fair representation of what women tell each other when they swap birth stories. 

Birth is so much more than the act of birthing or going through labour.  It is the rollercoaster of emotions women go through and the way they experience it is never the same as another. It is about documenting and celebrating women’s bodies. It is the making of a family and the redefining of an existing one.

You’ll undoubtedly forget the surrounding moments that led up to making you that family. But if you want to process your birth journey when you aren’t in the thick of it, photos will help you see your strength, triumphs, and show the support and love, no matter the outcome. 

Birth is undoubtedly transformative and fear and worry is par for the course. Doctor or midwife, hospital or home, epidural or drug-free, vaginal or cesarean - the choices are many. In birth, awareness of what is (or not) within our control and how we have been supported through the process, will be stepping stones to finding self- acceptance for these big changes.


"Felicia folded seamlessly into the fabric of our family, never intrusive, AS IF SHE WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE THERE."

Megan & Johan, birth clients




Keep me on speed dial.

Let’s start with a phone call to discuss what you wish for your birth space. A month or two before your due date, we’ll meet in person to discuss call procedure details, unexpected outcomes, and to get to know each other. 

As your due date approaches, keep me on speed dial and updated with appointments and symptoms. I am available for you at 38+ weeks.

I’ll be on call for you, camera bag packed and ready. When your contractions begin, we will get rolling for action!

I will document your baby’s birth day as honestly as possible, and without judgment. I aim to match the energy of your birth space and to be as supportive as I can of your choices and journey, whatever they may be and however they may change. 


Note: All births deserve to be celebrated in photographs. However, if you know this is what you want, share it with your birth caregivers. Birth photography is not yet commonplace, and you need to advocate for your right to photography in some hospitals, particularly in the operating room for caesarian births.




The details.

Session fee - 1000

Includes on one in-person consult, on-call time, and 2 hours of post-birth coverage.

3 low resolution, social-ready photographs to share within a few days.

A print-ready birth announcement e-card.

A short slideshow of photographer’s favourites to share.

Within 6-8 weeks, I will send you a gallery so that you can choose exactly what you want to memorialize this epic day. 

Please inquire for detailed pricing.




Contact me.

I know how busy life can get. Sometimes, a phone call is easier than the back and forth of email, so let me know a time that is convenient for you and I can reach out. It's always so nice to put a voice to a name.




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