family short stories

Do the leaves changing colour have you channeling your inner Charlie Brown, in search of the GREAT PUMPKIN? Or if you are a Christmas enthusiast, scoping out the perfect pine for your home? 


Let's capture your FAMILY SHORT STORY, Holiday Edition

No stress and no shot list. It'll be all about playing! Be a big kid and get in there with your children and let me create your annual family photographs or document your holiday traditions! Choose either a 20-minute mini story or a 1 hr short story. Whether it is exploring the North Shore beaches for ocean treasures, jumping on leaf piles amongst forest giants, picking out your GREAT pumpkin at the patch, your kids decking their Charlie brown tree alongside your 9-ft noble fir, baking gingerbread cookies at home, crafting leaf and snowflake chains, skating on Grouse, or strolling under the Capilano Lights with hot apple cider in your hands, the options are plenty! I will be there to capture your authentic family togetherness. 


Option 1: $300, 20 minutes mini story

  • Two dates, two locations

  • September 30th (Forest & Ocean Sessions in North/West Vancouver), 8 spots

  • October 27th (Leaves Sessions, in Langley on a family farm - I’m really excited about this new location), 7 spots

  • $100 booking deposit

  • 5 digital photos & an 8x12” professional print

  • a Holiday e-card for sending your holiday wishes

Option 2: $800, 1 hour short story

  • Perfect for your family traditions (Halloween, Pumpkin Carving, Holiday Season)

  • 5 spots, you choose a date in between Oct 20th & December 9th

  • $250 booking deposit

  • 15 digital photos, an 8x12” professional print & a slideshow to keep

  • a Holiday e-card for sending your holiday wishes


So check "Annual Family Photos" off your list and book now to secure your spot before they are all gone!