newborn & first hours

holy shit, look what we made!


Welcome to the rollercoaster of fresh baby smells, fogginess, and sleep deprivation.


Anne Geddes’ sleeping babies in baskets, pots, and wraps are adorable, but life with a newborn is far removed from those flowery scenes. 

When the adrenaline wears off and exhaustion sets in, that’s your newborn story. 

When you’re on autopilot, taking it hour by hour, feed by feed, and the weeks fly by, growth spurts happen, and it’s suddenly time for first vaccinations, and all the things you think you’ll remember will be lost to the rush of time and reality.

For all the ways you want to preserve this phase of your lives, time marches forward.

It changes you. Transforms you.

And that tiny face that bewilders and exhausts you is different every day.

But you can stop time, at least for a fraction of a second. I will document all the heavy lifting you do to help your baby thrive and grow those cheeks, chins, and rolls. 

Not a first-time parent? I’ll show you how spectacular you are at juggling it all while you make room for this new life. 

Show your baby how her story began. Because someday, she will ask.


"She immersed herself into an emotional, messy and unplanned time for our family and captured our baby's first hours perfectly.  Because she was so calm and loving, we were relaxed and real."

Christina, first hours and at-home newborn client


Newborn stories can be short and sweet (first hours at the hospital or first days at home) or part of a Day in the Life. 



how to prepare

besides figuring out what to name your new little love

We will chat about what to do once your baby arrives.

If you prefer a first hours session, I would love to be updated as your labour progresses and when baby arrives, so that I can arrange to be there as soon as possible. I will capture the little movements, your skin-to-skin, nursing, the wrinkled skin and how small she looks in your arms. And if there are older siblings and grandparents that cannot wait to be part of this, I can be there to document their first meeting too. 

If you prefer a shorter in-home session, I can come to your home within the first few days of life and document how you adjust to your new addition. Heavy lifting while being sleep deprived, but full of wonder and awe. If family and friends would like to visit, they can be part of the story too.

If 2 hours is not enough, then a Day in the Life newborn story is where it's at. This will truly show how your life has changed. 



what you’ll receive

besides the incredible newborn smell atop your baby's head

The First Hours (at-hospital) or In-home Newborn session fee of $500 includes 2 hours of coverage, and you can pick your favourites and showcase them in any of the product options below.

Includes 3 low-resolution photos and an announcement e-card to share (delivered within 48 hours) and a short slideshow to keep




Starts at $1000

3 different collections of digital photos and print products



Fusion Film - $750

a combination of video and stills for a one-of-a-kind family film




or archival prints

Albums start at $400

a memory keeper for you or a gift for grandparents

Prints start at $75

archival-quality mats and prints




how to book

when you are ready (with questions or to inquire), simply contact me!

I know how busy family life can get. Sometimes, a phone call is easier than the back and forth of email, so let me know a time that is convenient for you and I can reach out. It's always so nice to put a voice to a name.