Family Day in the Life of a Big-hearted Photographer - Calgary photography

The Real Life Conference for Women and Non-Binary Photographers is what brought photographer Alison Lapzcuk and I together. This is only one of the many reasons why I owe that community so much. It gifted me a woman and friend who not only lives life this wholehearted way, but also does so much to fill the bucket of others.

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Alison is, to me, this big-hearted human and her wonderfully welcoming family, all of whom I had the honour of documenting for their Day in the Life in Calgary last month. If you have ever read Alison’s About Page on her photography website, it is exactly what I got to experience with her family that day. Indoor hockey, Just Dance, healthy home cooked food, a trip to the library, music in the form of guitar and singing to the tracks of The Greatest Showman.

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What I appreciate most about our time together is the amount of silliness that naturally exists in their home, and I’m not just referring to their boys. Parents included 100%. They know how to play WITH their kids and it was so beautiful to watch. As adults and parents, we need to hold ourselves to a standard as role models but the ones that know how to ebb and flow between silliness and responsibility are inspiring to me.

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Alison, you and Brandon are just those people….and you’ve filled my bucket to the brim! Thank you for everything…..and for the healthy recipes. My family has been enjoying the muffins and protein cakes VERY often, without much complaint! I will gladly come back anytime to sing The Greatest Showman and have a dance off with your boys, and have many glasses of wine and conversation with you. I miss you all very much!

For those of you who are reading this, please consider supporting Alison’s efforts with 100 Women Who Care. There are various locations, so do check to see if there is one nearby that you can support.

If you haven’t already gotten your ticket to attend this year’s Real Life Conference in Portland, do it now. I don’t say this lightly - it has been LIFE CHANGING for me and for many women who have participated.