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July 23, 2016. I was bearing witness (and madly clicking my shutter) to L + K, saying their I Do's. I don't take weddings much at all and don't market for them. However, when serendipity brings us together, I usually take it as a sign that this couple's story is meant for me. Truth be told, it is the atypical sequence of events in their story that endears me to them. First comes love, then comes two kids, then the house. Oh this house, nestled into the highlands of the Garibaldi mountains, with a stunning view. The next step is making it official with a new deck, built by K, days before the wedding, so their best guests can dance the night away with an incredible band. Here is their happily ever after.

......Holy Shit, we are having twins!

Or something to that effect. I wasn't there when they found out, but I can only imagine my paraphrasing is not far off. Not one baby, but two.

April 22, 2017. The arrival of the boys, or "gentlemen" as K would address them. This birth is momentous for a few reasons.

  • The twins were pushing 38 weeks and born over 6 pounds each.
  • This is my first multiple births after 3 years of shooting them.
  • And this is my first time I had ever seen a breach delivery. Now it's my "Holy Shit" moment (actually it's Holy F, but you get it.....).

Here is their Part Two story. Their happily ever after picture now. And a little love note of reflection from L to K on Father's Day:

"Thank you for being so willing and excited to go on this ride of parenthood with me! I'm very lucky to be with someone who is always game when I want to get pregnant, super pumped even when it's an accident, and doesn't bat an eyelash when it's twins ;) Thank you for being quietly there for all of our wonderful births, for sharing in those most amazing moments. I'm grateful for the way we balance each other out as we raise our kids, and I'm glad you're there to remind me to sometimes just relax and enjoy these wonderful little people. I love watching them grow and take after you, and I love seeing how much they adore you!"

If I had blogged their wedding last year, this post would not have been as special. The juxtaposition of how much life as changed in 10 months for L + K is noteworthy. But if any of this was typical and predictable, then it wouldn't REALLY be them!

Thank you for having me to document your love in phases. I am so looking forward to hanging out again for your Day in the life when the boys are bigger and capturing how family life feels like with four instead of two kids!

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