North Vancouver Birth Photographer | Meet Holden - Lions Gate Hospital

North Vancouver Birth Photographer | Meet Holden - Lions Gate Hospital

Being overdue with your third baby is like not something any mother wants in abundance. Taking care of two little beings, growing one inside, the daily home that needs your attention, not to mention the level of discomfort from a baby sitting on your pelvis and bladder. I would be eager to have this baby too!

As soon as her waters were broken, Robin was speed walking laps around the Labor and Delivery wing at Lions Gate Hospital. She rounds the corner, not slowing down, and looks back at Graham to say "You're not walking fast enough!".

I barely made during a middle of the night birth with her second boy Sullivan, so this time, I wanted to be there much earlier. Having done this twice, this mama knows just what to do to ramp up her labor. Walk until the pain gets to be too much and then onto the gas.

Except Robin has the best reaction to nitrous oxide. Her laughter, once started, cannot be stopped. In fact it is so infectious, it sounds like a party in her birthing room! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard that I cried at any births except hers. Throw in some expletives and good ol' no-filter responses, I could barely keep my camera still while doubled over.

Once that last bit of pesky cervix was out of the way, this baby came out to meet his ever relieved parents. Although with two boys already, that third name escaped them for a couple of weeks.

Meet Holden King.

The party went from the L&D to Maternity ward, where her two older boys and Graham's family came to join in the celebration. Robin and Graham, thank you for making this so much fun. I don't think I've ever said that about any births before and for all the laughs and love you gave me, I am eternally grateful!

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