Family Session at Caulfield, a Father's Day Surprise Present | West Vancouver Family Photographer


It had been a quieter month of May but I was grateful for it - April had been a bit crazy with Mini Sessions and family sessions and my first contract of school portrait photography. May was time to catch up, slow down, and take a breath. And as it turns out, May wouldn't have been all that quiet like I thought - two sessions lined up for one day on the last day of the month. Then I got another request from this sweet family through E's preschool. Jaki's little girl, Mia, is in the same class and her little brother and my little J shared some classes together for our infant/toddler Montessori program. Jaki and I were chatting about our weekend plans after we dropped off our girls and when she heard of my sessions, she inquired if it would be too late to sneak one in that same weekend. She had this twinkle in her eye as she said, "it'll be such a great Father's Day present for Paul". Well, I *just* so happen to have a golden hour spot that evening of the two sessions. We saved the best light for the last. The tide was coming in at my little special beach that I visit often with my family out at Caulfield Park, which Jaki and her family had never been before, and I was more than delighted to show her its beauty. I remember my first visit here as a student, mapping the rock exposures at low tide that morning, thinking this is such an amazing place. When we moved to the north shore, I was eager to find it again and make it one of our family's special places to spend time at.

The light was so creamy, the trees filtering the golden tones. Mia was thrilled to play in the water and show me her special well-loved blankie and stuffie.  And then there was Rio, oh non-stop adventurous Rio, running here, climbing there. It was pretty tough to get this toddler to sit still for a portrait BUT nothing little seaside treasures of clams and kelp couldn't fix (for just seconds!!). Yes, that's him trying to escape from a photo with mommy as he flops onto the grass. But he does love to give mommy lots of kisses too. Oh, that boy has his mommy's heart in his hands! Finally, some of the three of them together because well, that's the best father's day gift for Paul - the loves of his life.

I rushed one image in particular for Jaki so that her lovelies can give their daddy his early Father's Day present - the one of Rio and Mia sitting in the grass and the sun flare. They had it printed big and sent him off to Brazil for the World Cup festivities, picture in hand. When I ran into him the morning he left, Paul thanked me for the photo and said how much he loved it! What a wonderful gesture Jaki - I was more than happy to find a time that worked for us because creating these images for you and your family to enjoy is what I love best!

girl portrait at the beach, hair, stuffy and blanket, golden backlight smiles, girl dancing in the waves

little boy portrait, golden backlight, boy playing in the grass

big sister and little brother portrait, golden backlight in the grass caulfield park

mom and girl, mom and little boy by the beach, sunset light

mother and kids by the beach, mother and kids in the grass golden backlight