North Vancouver Family Photographer | Golden Light Langley


Through my work life as a geologist, I've been very fortunate to meet some pretty amazing people, usually through field work. When you are in the field, that time away from home, living in closed quarters, seeing and working closely with people for weeks at a time everyday, friendships can be fast tracked. But often, when you leave, it's not typical that you get to keep up with those friendships; each person has their busy home life usually in a different part of the country. Lucky for me, I've also been very blessed to work with some amazing people at the office too, and Justine is one of those special ones. I met her when she came to help us with our many projects during the bull market of the mining industry and we are so grateful for her. She is easy going and her relaxed manner and sweet character is just icing to a job well done. We got along really well and got into some trouble together at times...but we'll keep those stories between us ;). When we no longer worked together, we still tried to keep in touch once in a while, meeting up for lunch or tea, exchanging updates. Then one day, she told me she had met n amazing guy, Clayton, through her brother. The way she talked about him, there was that sparkle in her eyes, and a smile that can't be beat. It didn't surprise me at all, when one day she wrote and shared the wonderful news that she's expecting. I was over the moon for this sweet friend of mine - I knew her caring soul would make a great mother and partner in phase of her life with Clayton.

I asked her if she would be interested in having her birth documented through photography and she said she would rather wait until the newborn phase and would be happy for me to capture those moments for her. The news finally arrived that her and Clayton had a baby boy and they named him Elliot. Well, can I say, somewhat unbiasedly, that I love that name? Although Justine had her heart set on a newborn session, a case of newborn acne and rainy weather delayed us for a few months, but here we are on the day of our session and it's almost summer weather and the sun is shining. It couldn't have worked out better!

We met in Fort Langley, where I also met Clayton and Elliot for the first time. Their sweet dog, Luna, came along too, because after all, she's the first baby :). It was so lovely to chat about this stage of their lives and Justine and I shared some laughs about how unrealistic our breastfeeding expectations were and what a long road it was for both of us to get it established. Elliot is such an easy baby, going along with the day, showing off his chubbiness and his love of milk. It was one of the most laid back sessions I've done in a while! We enjoyed some icy refreshments and then drove out to this beautiful rustic barn out in the valley. I was just in awe of how gorgeous the light and surroundings were. They say, wait for the golden light, but this one is truly ethereal. Suffice to say, I couldn't get enough of her nursing little Elliot with the golden light behind her. Here are my favourites from that part of our session.


Justine, Clayton, Elliot, and Luna, I had so much fun hanging out in the valley and can't wait to see and hear more about where your family life journey will take you. Both of your easy-going dispositions will undoubtedly serve you well in parenthood! Justine, I'm so happy that your cup is overflowing with all the love you can every ask for and Clayton, I'm so glad that you are the person for her. Thank you so much for letting me capture this evening for your family.