Lifestyle baby session at Whytecliff Park | West Vancouver Family & Baby Photographer


I had the pleasure to photograph this wonderful family for the third time. They are my first family to get on board with a multi-session package but really, the benefit was all mine because I got to see them at each of their big milestones: maternity, birth (which was really more like a fresh 2 hrs!), and 3.5 months. It's extra special because this is Francini & Eduardo's first baby so they are experiencing everything, together, for the first time. We couldn't have landed a better day for our session - our original plan for one-month session, turned into a two-month session, and rescheduled for three-month session. It's absolutely understandable that when the weather is cold and damp, having an outdoor session with a wee baby isn't ideal! Now with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky, it's perfect for some lifestyle shots at the beach with the two of them and their adorable Nicolas.

Francini has been fortunate to have her mother here to enjoy these first few months together but she's also eager to start the routine of doing things themselves. Have I mentioned she's a doer? ;). I can completely understand that need, I'm a fan of some structure in my life too. We talked about the learning curves of being a first time parent...aah those days - you've gotta learn fast on this job or the exhaustion could swallow you up some days! I shared my woes and triumphs of nursing and it's evident from the rolls on Nico that he's more than thriving! He loved being carried around snuggled in the sling close to his mama.

Gosh, does Nico ever look like Eduardo but I think his eyes are all Fran. Those big beautiful eyes! Nico looked around the beach, took in the warm spring breeze and just rolled with it. Papa even got him out of the sling to play a little; bouncing him with his feet and flying him through the air. They're going to have some mischievous fun together!

With a young infant, nursing happens quite often and what better place than seaside in the West Vancouver? That's the best part about a nursing infant, there's no need for extra bottles or formula when you leave the house. Fran is such a natural with all of this; I know I was probably still fumbling underneath my nursing cover, positioning for a good latch...all that stuff. She looked so beautiful and peaceful, sitting by the granite exposures along the ocean, watching the ferries go by and taking in all the wonder and joy that motherhood has brought to her. Eduardo looked on, with a smile on his face.

Then it was nap time as Nico whimpered his sleepiness to them. He happily slipped back into her cradling arms and snuggled to dreamland. Watching a sleeping baby, so peaceful, so content. To ensure the longevity of his nap, they decided to hit the road for home.

In what can feel like overwhelming chaos and constant uncertainty of these early infant days, I got to peek into a slice of life for this slowed me right down. It's the simple things that fill their bucket: sleep, nurse, play, swoon thought it all, repeat; their affection centred around their beautiful son, Nicolas. They are taking it in stride and loving the journey. Thank you for letting me be part of it, multiple times; I am so grateful to be able to do this for your family!

high noon at the beachside park, mom wearing baby in sling, little baby fingers

new mother smiling with her baby boy, family with their baby boy by the beach

daddy playing with little baby boy by the beach

mother nursing baby boy at the beach

mother wearing her sleeping baby boy in a sling