North Vancouver Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | Baby Liam


The best gift to a couple who wants a family is, hands down, a newborn baby. The next best gift? That of a good friend who wants them to have a way to remember those ever fleeting first few days of a baby's life. Baby Liam was just born when my friend, Jacky, asked if I could photograph his friends and their new addition. I met this beautiful family when Liam was only six days old in their gorgeous family home in Vancouver. As grey and stormy as that morning was, none of that down pouring of rain could dampen Joanne and Edward's moods as they continue to swoon over this teddy bear of a baby boy. Joanne looked aglow and not at all sleep deprived.

I remember the first days of being first-time parents, a little bit of deer-in-the-headlights syndrome. As medically knowledgeable and well-prepared as these two parents are, no one is excused from the uncertainty and unpredictability of parenthood. They are just getting to know what Liam likes and dislikes and what will work to calm him in moments of fussiness. For instance, they've already figured out he loves to suck on his hand, a habit which apparently began in utero. They also know how he likes to lie on the ground and that a loose swaddle coupled with a tight cuddle works like magic to calm him. Their patience and teamwork will no doubt earn them the pro-star parents badge in no time!

Joanne knitted him a little teddy bear hat that we included in session. It was the perfect size for his little head, full of hair :). There's also a beautiful knitted beige blanket that a friend gave to him. At one point we had the cutest hand-knit socks to try and keep his toes warm, but they wouldn't stay on long as his feet were just a touch too small. Oh baby toes....when they curl up like that. And those cheeks are just the perfect chipmunk size!

Edward's father was also in town visiting and celebrating in the joy of Baby Liam. He was such a gentle grandpa, holding his grandson with so much pride and love as Edward looks on at the generational bond they share. Family love is an amazing thing to behold, and it fills my heart so!

Thank you so much Joanne and Edward, for letting me photograph these precious days that go by too quickly. I feel so blessed when I am able to preserve moments like these for families like yours!

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