North Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Baby Emerson


North Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Baby Emerson

I've always been so grateful for the families I have had the great fortune to work with this past year. Not only are they my friends, they pay me the biggest compliment by referring their friends to me when there is a great occasion to be remembered, like the special deliveries of newborns. Welcome Emerson, and congratulations to Robin and Graham! Their little boy was born on February 13th at 4:28pm, an early delivery by St. Valentine :).

I got a message from Robin one day, asking if I would be interested in doing a one-month session with her little guy. Of course I couldn't refuse, meeting new families, especially ones referred by friends (Thank you so much for your trust Lisa & Landon) is always such a treat! You get to know how they are connected, which adds to the depth of their story and always warms my heart.

Emerson Roy Ernst King. You know born with a name like that your future is bright and strong. It reminds me of one of our favourite books, "Not inside this house" by Kevin Lewis, a story that talks about a boy, Christopher Columbus Magellan Crouse, whose wonderful imagination and thirst for exploration is so great it drives his mother crazy, but inwardly proud. With a name like that, you can't help but feel like he's going to be a trail blazer!

Emerson sunshine

Robin and Graham are probably one of the easiest going new-parents I've met in a while. It's like they've already had one and this is their second. Robin has such a natural way about motherhood and that confidence serves her well in troubleshooting moments that occur constantly with a newborn. She does it with such grace and beauty. All the while, Graham is happy to offer support but always taking the time to consult with his best partner. Team work at its best in this household!

During the session, Emerson was just such an angel. He just went along with the outfit changes, room to room hang outs, outdoor breeziness. Not a peep...except to say to us that he's a bit tired. Nothing that a soother and a little rocking can't fix! Easy peasy, lemon squeezey :). Maybe he's saving his trail blazing for when he finds his running legs ;).

In our pre-session conversations, Robin and Graham mentioned that family is of big importance to them. It's very apparent, as they proudly listed off the many cousins that Emerson currently has and how they live in very close proximity to them. Having family close, not just in a relationship way, but physically close, is such an amazing thing. You get to foster their bond and give them a sense of what a family community is like when there are get-togethers. A foundation is built through that time that provides such a sense of trust and comfort for the little ones as they grow up. It is a wonderful thing you have, Robin and Graham!

Family shot inside-1Robin&Emerson-3

When asked if there are any special items they would like to include in the session with Emerson, the only suggestion they have is a teddy bear given by Graham's family in Germany. It has extra special meaning because this teddy bear is made from the same company as Graham's childhood teddy bear (see image below). Yet another indication that even beyond oceans, preserving family history through the generations is just as important to this little family!

20140316-323520140316-3249Family shot outsideEmerson-220140316-337120140316-343120140316-342120140316-3515

Robin and Graham, thank you so much for letting me spend this time with your family and Emerson. Your trio is truly such a joy to meet and work with! I look forward to seeing your little guy grow and hearing stories about his trail blazing ways in the future :).

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