Vancouver Day in the Life Photos | Family Life is a Highway

child playing on rooftop patio in an urban setting

Vancouver Day in the Life Photos | Family Life is a Highway

Today I am feeling overwhelmed. Usually I can keep that feeling at bay and keep chugging along but not today.

My family life often times feel like a highway, where it is constantly going and going. At the end of the day, I just want to lie down and not do a thing, but the nagging to-do's are floating around in my mind prevent me from my grandiose plans of lying on the couch. I am in the middle of trying to troubleshoot how to keep the space I need for my work and keep everything else in my life in their steady lanes. So perhaps this session is a good one to share because it reminds me that I am not alone.

Living in Vancouver, where the cost of living is high, means that work is often part of the equation. Whether it is one spouse or two, work and household jobs needs to be carried out. This mom has a full time job running her household and taking care of her two little kids and much like me, her mind feels like a sieve. It feels that way because as parents who are primary caretakers of the household, we also carry the emotional labor. And our minds are taxed to the max.

So to this mom, I see how hard you work to care for your girls and keep everything else going while your husband works to grow his business. You deserve all the championing in the world for what you do, especially during the week! Thank you for having me capture your weekend version of daily life!


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