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Hands full. This expression is applicable to parents of any number of children. "Full" is relative and your tolerance for it simply shifts as more kids get added to the mix. I know my baseline is one and ceiling is two. Any more kids and it tips the scales for me!

Which makes L+ Kim my heroes. 4 kids, 5 and under. And a dog.

Throw in tandem nursings multiple times a day, an afternoon nap (kid, not parent, unfortunately), shift-working on-call parent...that's a whole network of logistics that feel something like - throw all the balls up in the air and see which ones remain juggled, and where the rest fall, they will lay.

When I photographed their wedding last year, and the birth of the twins this past Spring, I don't know that L+K knew what their life would be like with four kids and a dog. I don't know that any of us really do when we make decisions to own a house, start a business, have kids. But what gets them through it is give and take, accepting everyday normal as awesome, and taking time to be present with each other (whenever they can find it!). This is their faith.

brother cuddling with his twin baby brothers while big sister runs by mother tandem nursing twin baby boys mom telling boy to be careful with his baby brother big sister telling brother to stop at the stop sign with his bike parents looking at daughters wound while son is riding his bike mom nursing one twin boy while the other is in the rocker family hanging out on the floor while dad and son gives high fives dad helping falling boy while holding on to daughter

I have said this before and it is still true. Being a documentary family photographer to families always teaches me about being a parent. L+K have taught me to say "yes" more often, to let the little things roll off easier, and to show love instead of anger and frustration. You two, thanks so much for being my Yoda!

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