Vancouver Family Photographer | A Ryce Family Film


A little over a year ago, I remember seeing a photographer's fusion work, where photographs and videoclips were woven together as a story. I was so captivated by the idea of being able to convey emotions through still and moving pictures. This past year, I have been trying to learn as much as I can about how to better capture the stories of my families' lives with video and am always so happy when they are willing to let me run with my vision.

But a whole family film? That is a different kettle of fish. One that intimidated the *bleep* out of me. However, that little voice just would not go away. Do it, it says. Just try it. If you fall flat on your face, then you can leave it be for a while.

That was months ago. I finally got up the courage when I had this family contact me for some formal portraits (which I don't usually do...but rubber arm, what can I say?). I pitched them the idea and sometimes, the stars align for you. From the significance of this time of year, the stage in their family life at this moment, to the glorious weather that it turned out to be that morning, finding their perfect tree...we could not have asked for any more. Someone up there sure was looking out for us all!

So here's my first family film. And because I'm a photographer at heart, I had to throw in a collage of their best 10 photos from that morning as well. When I had the chance to present Cassandra with her family story, she said, "Every family should have something like this for them." And I could not agree more!

Of Christmas and Birthday, A Ryce Family Film from Felicia Chang on Vimeo.

family trip to the christmas farm

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