Vancouver Family Photographer | First Birthday Bash


Vancouver Family Photographer | First Birthday Bash

First birthday milestones are big ones. For the child, it marks the end of infancy and the start of toddlerdom. It also represents a big transitionary moment for motherhood, especially first-time mothers. Whether you choose to go back to work or decide to continue to stay at home with your child, either decision will leave you with a bittersweet memory. That's why you have the birthday bash - so you can celebrate and commemorate the significance of this time in style!

In my experience as a family photographer, documenting events like birthdays hasn't happened often. There are plenty of event photographers in the city that is fantastic at this genre. However, when Fran and Eduardo asked if I would do this, there was not a doubt in my mind. I've seen this family grow from two to three, I've photographed Nico's first moments after birth and his parents at their first hours entering parenthood. I was also blessed to photograph their family again last summer, capturing moments of nursing and baby wearing representative of this stage of infancy. A first birthday? Absolutely! A cake smash? Oh yes! In my non-studio, storytelling style :).

The details, the effort, the love poured into this celebration of Nico's first year - wow! Their pride and joy of their son is so evident. But beyond that, the community of family and friends that were present in this celebration was what really shone through. I don't think it'll be quite the same kind of birthday had it only been the three of them. It was so clear that their community was so important to them and vice versa.

Here's a little snippet of my favourite moments of the cake-smash, splish splash-bash and a little slideshow to go with it :).

vancouver family photographer | Felicia Chang Photographyvancouver family photographer | Felicia Chang Photography

If you have a milestone celebration such as birthdays, reunions or simply want to document your family's everyday beautiful chaos, please contact me. I would love to help you capture these memories!

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