Vancouver Family Photographer | Walls, beams, love, and dreams

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for living in a brand new house. Some days I feel that way when my own 100 year old house starts to feel like a never-ending money pit. The siding needs replacing, the bathtub looks like it's settling, the windows are leaking. That contingency fund is constantly behind the eight ball, trying to play catch up. But there is something to be said for a house that has seen many generations of families. You can practically sense the history within these walls when you enter, the patina greeting you upon the first steps into the home. The floors are slightly slanted, the doors squeak, the floor boards sing, "whap whap whap" despite you tip toeing down.

Katie and Andre's home is one for the heritage category and they have only continued to enrich its history by infusing their touch. The custom made kitchen cabinets, the beautiful tree house they built this summer, rigged with a pulley system that brings goodies from the kitchen to their getaway spot in the backyard, the garden bearing fruit and vegetables always ready for harvest. There are endless opportunities for their littles to explore and play, and imagine a world that is all of their own, without having to wander too far from home.

When Katie booked, she wanted prints and digital files. During the session, I also took some video clips because I have a slideshow story in mind for her family. Katie, I'm so glad you love your family slideshow story! Your beautiful children are gems and that home you and Andre have built is simply an extension of the heart and love you put into your family. Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your everyday life!

I would love to capture your unique everyday life and preserve those memories for days when they start to fade. So get in touch and we can start chatting about what’s important to you and your family to remember, years from now.

mom holding baby girl after waking from napone year old girl crawling on hard wood floor mother and son pulling bucket towards tree house family of four peeking through tree house window Dad riding son's bike around the playground little boy enjoying the swing with eyes closed Brother and sister in the playground tunnel little girl playing peekaboo through the hole of the playground tunnel Mother nursing her baby girl at the park Dad reading with son and daughter reading on her own Family playing in bed together

Katie & Andre from Felicia Chang on Vimeo.