Vancouver Newborn Photographer | 12-day old Baby Marli


Vancouver Newborn Photographer | 12-day old Baby Marli

Newborns are amazing little beings and definitely one of my favourites to photograph in-home. You get a window into so many special moments: the room so lovingly prepared by the baby's parents, the adoration that surrounds this new life, the routines of nursing and changing, napping and "playtime". But you know what makes this an extra special newborn session? I got to document this little girl come into this world, through my lens, only twelve days ago.

Today Marli is almost two weeks old, her birth weight regained and then some, that garden variety jaundice all faded away, and that last piece of cord still attached to her belly button. Her parents, Paris and Graem, had gotten this phrase on canvas a while back but it means so much to them that they hung it up over the refinished vintage dresser that belonged to Paris' mom the night before our session. At diaper change time, Graem dove right in like a pro, and also massaged his baby girl's little fingers to keep them from getting dry.

Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyAnd then it was time to nurse. Paris had Marli in a football hold and I remarked how well she already knows and how comfortable she is with the different nursing positions already! Their sweet cat stopped in to show its affection for baby sister :). Nursing is also one of my favourite things to photograph. It is such a finite time in an infant's life and that incredible physical and emotional bond, in my opinion, is something that absolutely should be documented. As I am playing around with freelensing, I'm just in awe of how much Paris is a natural! It took me weeks before I got on track with my first baby!

Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyParis' sweet mom, Barrie Ann, came up to see how her girls are doing. They share how much they miss Paris' grandmother and wished she was here to see this. And then this necklace just needed to be included in this, to document that five generations of women can indeed be present, here and now. Witnessing this desire for family bond got me teary.

Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Felicia Chang Photography

Graem's parents arrived and wanted some baby cuddles. Both grandmothers are just smitten. They oooh'ed at the sweet gifts of little stuffies and checked out Marli's newly stocked closet from her recent homecoming baby shower. Ah to be a girl with a closet full of pretty clothing already!

Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyA little portrait for Marli, who is getting a little sleepy.

Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyI absolutely love the juxtaposition of this: Grandpa bear Ron with his little precious princess in his arms. He has been snapping daily pictures of Marli and sharing them, it is so sweet to see! And I think that image of Graem's parents soaking Marli in just says it all, don't you?

Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Felicia Chang PhotographyOne more little quiet family time for Paris, Graem, and Marli. Graem's already gotten into the routine of reading to his baby girl before sleep and I think "You are My Favourite" is a perfect book! It's the perfect way for them to share with their own little Marli (and any other children they have) how very much each one is loved. As we are talking about sleep, they pointed out a wooden rocking bassinet that has been handed down to them from many special families, with each child's name written on its base. It's time to add Marli's to this special piece of furniture! We end the session with one more family cuddle, Marli's little sweet face sandwiched between two very incredibly happy parents. She's their sunshine, through and through. Paris and Graem, thank you for letting me photograph this fleeting phase in your parenthood. I hope, in time, these images will bring back such fond memories for you!

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