Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Baby Hannah Hospital Newborn Session


Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Baby Hannah Hospital Newborn Session

When the first session of the year turns out to be a hospital newborn session, you get this feeling that it's going to be a great year :). Right before Christmas, I got to capture a very glowing and pregnant Sylvia and her husband Dan while they picked out their perfect tree, just weeks before they became parents. I had a trip planned in early January and was uncertain if I would be able to make this work, so you can image my absolute delight when I was home and I received their message that Baby Hannah Joy has arrived on January 15, 2015, 9:42am! Her ray of sunshine was the perfect counterbalance for this rainy, cloudy day.

After a fairly quick labour and smooth natural birth, Sylvia and Dan expressed that they would like to head home later on that evening. So after dropping off my littlest with my mom and calling on some help from friends with my oldest, I headed to Surrey Memorial to photograph Hannah's hospital newborn session. As I entered Room 216 in the brand new remodelled hospital, I was met with the serenity of a new family, sitting and chatting together, recounting the events of the last 24 hours while Sylvia held her 4-hour old baby girl. She was perfect, wrapped up in a blanket in her mother's arms. The wrinkly skin on her hands and feet, the peach fuzz hair on her body, dried vernix in her hair. It's such an amazing thing that only hours ago, she was tucked snug in her mother's womb, readying herself for this world.

It didn't take long for Hannah to find her voice, letting her parents know that she's hungry. Sylvia is a natural, as is Hannah. Newborns nursing, or for this matter, learning to nurse, melts my heart every time. It's the single thing that always makes me ache for my own newborn. As is typical of babies, her diaper needed a change soon afterwards, so Dan thought it might be a good time to give Hannah her first bath. She didn't much like the water at first, but soon settled when she got swaddled up in a fresh diaper and onesie. As visitors came through, taking turns to cuddle with Hannah and congratulating Sylvia and Dan, it is evident to see how much this baby and her family is supported by such love.

Here are some of my favourites from our time together that afternoon. Congratulations Sylvia and Dan, on the beautiful birth and arrival of Hannah! Thank you so much for letting me capture another significant and incredible milestone in your lives. I love you three!

I really believe that nothing that can replace the first brand new moments in a baby’s life. Hospital newborn sessions are meant to document this incredible time, so that the memories, emotions, and joy never fades.

If you would like to have the first hours with your newborn documented, please contact me to book - I'd love to tell the first hours of your newborn story. I will be available to come to you at the hospital or birth centre within the first 24-48 hours of your baby's birth. Bundled hospital newborn and in-home session packages are also available. If you are interested in having one or both of these sessions as part of your baby registry, I would be happy to help you set it up.

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