Vancouver Newborn Photos | Better Late than Never Hospital First Moments

Vancouver Newborn Photos | Better Late than Never Hospital First Moments

For the number of induction-related hospital births I have attended, I still cannot predict how quick or effective it will be. But truly, labors of all kinds (medically supported or otherwise) is anyone's guess to when baby will actually arrive. I can prompt the parents (to-be) to update me every little step of the way so that I arrive during the last leg of labor, but sometimes, even that does not earn me the girl guides badge for preparedness.

1:54 AM. "Just woke up. She's fully dilated."

Even a middle-of-the-night, no cars on the highway, "slightly" speeding....

2:17 AM. "Ughhhh. That was quick. Haha. 3 pushes."

So much for birth photos. My 2:22 AM arrival is better late than least we have first moments photos for this newborn!

Apparently the magic combination of epidural and oxytocin gave Elaine some much needed rest after a very long day of waiting for her induction. Her waters broke the day before but contractions were not establishing naturally, so a little help was needed to get them going. She was awaken from sleep to a short and very effective pushing - it was all very calm and civilized!

After a transfer to the maternity ward, and a few more hours of sleep, the rest happened pretty similarly to Elaine and Nate's last hospital birth with their first baby, Wesley. Lots of family descended upon Baby Wyatt with lots of cuddles and kisses. Well, maybe with the exception of big brother Wesley, who needed time to process this new addition.

Thank you Elaine and Nate, for rolling with it and asking me to do this for you again. Maybe a third so we can actually capture the birth portion of the program? Too soon?

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