Why dads love having their photos taken | Vancouver Day in the Life Photographer

Ok so maybe love is a strong word, but when family photos become the subject of to-do's, dads *usually* go bolting for the door or put up a verbal fight. But not my dads. I mean not literally MY dads, but the fathers of families I have had the good fortune to photograph. They are the ones that show up, happily wearing their favourite t-shirts and sweats, knowing full well that all that is expected is - JUST BE THEM.

They get to be the EVERYDAY HERO. In their own unique way.

They know they get to do exactly what they already do, and nothing else. These include, but are not limited to, moments like:

  • wiping butts and running baths, while surfing for the latest sports score or Trump news
  • tying ponytails, placing clips, brushing hair of little girls the best way they know how
  • coaching ALL the sports teams
  • quieting the tears from a wound or meltdown
  • teaching them the rights from wrongs
  • planting kindness and consideration for others
  • doing all the hilarious and scary voices in books
  • showing them the coolest tools and tricks of the shed
  • being the in-home human jungle gym
  • making the best breakfast only a top chef could

All the while, their littles look up and see their superhero in action, going the mile and going to bat for them.

Everyday Dads like these have a special place in my heart. I would give anything to have photos of MY dad doing every day things with me, but we did not live together much while I was growing up. So while I cannot turn back time or change things, I can continue to document the lives of other dads and show them the significance of their roles as the everyday awesome FATHER that they are.

And when they do see their photos, albums, and slideshows, they big puffy heart LOVE seeing their super powers as Daddy.

So I give big props to all these incredible role models in this slideshow, and the biggest shout out to my own partner and love, Derek. Thank you for showing up and being ever here. Your presence makes it feel like home.

(And thank you to the thoughtful, sweet and hilarious messages that these families sent along to share with their superhero!).

And Derek, my love, and our hero....a little snippet from our past few months of cray cray with Daddy.

dad wrestling with his girls. dad carrying daughters out of a cave before waves came. dad playing on playground climbing structure with girls dad doing monkey bars while his daughter watches. dad holding his daughters hands walking along a forest trail. dad sleeping with daughter in bed.

Felicia is a Vancouver Day in the Life Photographer who defies traditional family portraiture. She documents everyday life just as she sees it, and not as the socially expected perfect highlight reel. Contact her to find your family's edition of life story for your visual diary! To follow more of Felicia's work, connect over at @feliciachangphoto on Instagram.