Birthing with Strength, Courage and Love - Capturing Birth in a unique way| West Vancouver Birth Photographer


I am so grateful to be part of two births this year, Nicolas and Lux, and although each had different journeys, they were both filled with strength, courage, and love. This is what birth photography is about: a story that starts even before labour begins, to the moment that parents can meet and hold their newborn(s), smitten and in awe. My friend, Catherine McAteer of Cat McAteer Photography, invited me to be part of an article she was writing for a local magazine from Calgary, which focuses on childbirth and natural parenting, Birthing. I am happy to share my image and the final product of her work and collaboration with several other birth photographers: Cradled Creations Birth Photography, Stoneman Photography, Jewelimage Photography, Erin Shepley Photography, and Pinball Photography. Here are the beautiful images and quotes from the mothers and families that inspire us to photograph their journey of childbirth.

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