Vancouver Birth Photos - Believe that you can

Vancouver Birth Photos - Believe that you can

I think women show their strongest physical strength when birthing. That labor is the waves that send your baby downward and your body is doing everything it can do help during contractions. But more than anything, it is mind over matter. If you can tell yourself that your body is capable of birthing, then that is half the battle won.

I have seen this power many times and photographing this birth is yet another representation of that strength. This mama was so well supported by her two doulas and midwife (yay Strathcona Midwifery Collective!) and urged on with love by her husband. Having this support network is also another key to finding that inner strength.

So believe that you can.

Thank you S and E for this opportunity to witness your strength in bringing Baby Eli into the world!

mother in labour in hospital husband looking at newborn baby boy on mom's chest midwife showing placenta to mom after birth mom getting stitches after hospital birth dad stroking newborn baby boy's head mom trying to nurse newborn baby boy doulas and husband looking at mom nursing newborn baby boy mom feeling sore from moving after birth mother admiring her newborn baby boy as dad is holding him parents holding baby skin to skin


Felicia Chang is a documentary birth photographer who tells stories of women in their strength and power and the tenderness and love that comes with holding their babies. Contact her to find out about how to have your birth or hospital newborn session documented. You can connect with her at @feliciachangphoto on Instagram or sign up for her newsletter in the pop-up box to stay in touch.