Vancouver Day in the Life Photographer - A Florida Family Documentary

Vancouver Day in the Life Photographer - A Florida Family Documentary

It's 7 am in the morning and Linsey and I are sitting at the dining table in a quiet house. We sip our coffees and exchange stories about growing up in broken families and how we hope to change it with our own. I look around her kitchen, a space where she spends time making food for her family of seven, exercises her love for baking, and homeschools her five children. I see so much that represents the antithesis of broken - there is history but there is also unity. It is a beautiful paradox and Linsey embraces it all.

And this was before her kids even wake.

For the rest of the day, I was treated to the best of the Davis Family. The most incredible conversations by Bella and Olivia, the anti-stereotype girl power of Scarlett, and the Fortnite genius of Clayton and Walker. On the flipside, I also got an olfactory taste of Stonewall Jackson's gas after cheese. These are only some of the wonder from doing their everyday stuff of "nothing much". My belly is particularly happy from Linsey's fluffiest gluten-free pancakes, my first-ever Chick-fil-A sandwich (and not my last one that trip!), and a low country boil only her husband, Texas, can do.

This Day in the Life with the Davis' was Florida in a nutshell - I could not have asked for more. To be surrounded by wonderful little and not so little humans that are gracious, polite, hilarious, and thoughtful....Linsey and Texas, I'd say you're doing lots of things right!

Thank you for having me in your home away from home trailer and sending me home with some new sayings ("flipped my lid" and "scared the mess out of me" being my two faves) and the best Florida mug a girl can ask for.

baby doll on kitchen counter mom blow drying hair while her kids wrestle on the bed kids at the beach looking for treasures girl showing mom her makeup palette sisters putting on makeup together sisters dancing on pool deck girl twirling her dress girl looking outside at the rain family eating dinner in their garage

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