Vancouver Documentary Family Photographer | Day in the life of We Love You


Vancouver Documentary Family Photographer | Day in the life of We Love You

My vision as a family photographer is to create stories that celebrate what it means to be a family. By celebrate, I don't mean open the champagne bottle, throw the confetti kind. I mean, truly embracing all aspects of family life. You know, behind-the-scenes reel of for better or worse. I am there to squirrel it all away in pictures that remind them of moments that slipped by too fast.

This one is about Robyn and Mario. Like any other parents, they juggle multiple things, make up solutions they do not know already, and move on to the next spill on aisle 3 (aka playroom/family room).

Little diapers and long potty breaks, and toys strewn indoors and out in the yard. Stickiness of fast-melting freezies and soapy residue on bubble wands. Sweetness of home grown strawberries and fragrance of fresh cut flowers. The smell of pancakes and spray of flour and egg on the kitchen counter. During the half day I spent with them, I was treated to their everyday version of what their real life is like. My favourite moments are many, like Robyn helping her little girl prepare a fruit salad, while setting the rhythm on her baby boy's bouncer with her foot. Or Mario playing frisbee golf with his favourite girl.

At this stage of life with a newborn and preschooler, it was another sleep-deprived day to be sure, but they got through it with laughter, music, and deep breaths.

Thank you, Robyn and Mario, for including me into your family fold! Thank you, most of all, for writing "We Love You". It is truly representative of your everyday awesomeness!

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Morning in the Life - We Love You from Felicia Chang Photography on Vimeo.