Vancouver Documentary Photographer | Day in the Life of Home on the Farm


Vancouver Documentary Photographer | Day in the Life of Home on the Farm

As someone who lives in the city, my days always feel like a hamster constantly running on that wheel. Except this is not the exercise I seek. Rushing about from one thing to another and chasing after the eight ball. There are many days in between I yearn for days to feel slower so I can declare a no-shower, eat-anytime, watch all the movies, home day!

You can imagine my envy when I spent the morning with this family at their home on the farm. Buying this farm is a relatively new thing for Kelsey and Troy and it came around the time when they were expecting their second baby. A farm and a baby. Those are big life changes. But why not throw a rambunctious, lovable fur ball bermese puppy into the mix? And from where I stand, this meandering pace surrounded with the animals they care for, in a home filled with their faith for God and love for each other; it's a sweet life.

I asked Kelsey if she misses her culinary gig in the downtown environment. She shook her head. She is quite content being work partners with Troy and giving her kids the freedom to explore, ride horses, and feed the chickens.

"Love what you do, do what you love". This is the essence of their family. The mud from their land treks inside, their care for their farm permeates outward. They have found a way to weave work into life and this farm as their homestead.

If only their farm fresh eggs can find a way to my kitchen daily...I can share a slice of their heaven.

Kelsey and Troy, thank you for having me be part of this place you call home. I cannot wait to show you what your story looks like!

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DITL Plett family from Felicia Chang Photography on Vimeo.