Vancouver Documentary Family Photographer | Of Breakfast and Boats


Vancouver Documentary Family Photographer | Of Breakfast and Boats

Having a young family means it is busy and chaotic ALL THE TIME.

Between work and school, activities and routines, trying to strike what seems to be an impossible balance feels completely futile. And some days, thinking about all of the balls you are juggling in the air gets you right down exhausted.

Especially if you are a non-essentialist like me, saying NO is so so hard. Sometimes it is the guilt, and sometimes, it's what the cool kids say - FOMO.

I find the best way to look for some reprieve is to strip it down to what matters the most, and what will fill my bucket to its core. Like this family, it is all about pressing pause on the go-go-go's and saying YES to the people who mean the world to you - you littles.


To weekend Pancake breakfasts.

Baileys in your coffee when there is only expired cream left in the fridge.

A last minute birthday party because it is important to your little guy.

Letting your youngest rule the roost.

A boat ride to Bowen for a gooey cinnamon roll treat and a game of tag.

And YES to a family half day in the life because it is important to remember all of the YES's you've said to your kids to fill their bucket too!

The Biggest of Thank You's to this P family, for seeing the possibility of their story, and stalking the bidding table down to the last minutes. I love you guys so dearly!

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