Vancouver Family Photographer | Holding on Tightly with Molly


Vancouver Family Photographer | Holding on Tightly with Molly

This morning a boy asked me, "Did you know that there are babies being born every few seconds, and people dying too?". I said to him, "Yes, that's how the human population remains balanced".

But it is so much more than an equation.

I am currently in a place in my life where news of relatives and friends passing are becoming more frequent. Just the other day, my cousin's husband passed and my aunt is receiving end of life care. Something about loss makes you pause and reflect, and offers you perspective that you do not always have while bustling through everyday life.

Cheryl had recently lost her father. Before he passed, she reflected on where she was in her life, and realized, as an only child, it could feel quite lonely in time. Additionally, her mother, Molly, is suffering from severe Alzheimer's and her windows of connection are getting to be few and far between. So at fifty, she decided not to wait to meet the right person to have children - she will have to do this for herself.

As the universe and God will have it, Cheryl became pregnant with two babies, who have just turned two this past summer. For now, Cheryl wants to freeze time and hold on to her mom's windows of recognition that she is her daughter, and that Matthew and Paul are her grandbabies. We spent our time at their long-time family home, playing with toys, riding cars, and reading books - things that they do every day after Cheryl got home from work. When things got rowdy, as they can with toddlers, Molly would plug her ears, laugh, and sing Scottish songs.

That evening, I was witness to the circle of life: the beginning with Matthew and Paul, the golden years with Molly, and in between, Cheryl holding on to all of them tightly as anchor.

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