Vancouver Documentary Family Photos | An Expression of Love


Vancouver Documentary Family Photos | An Expression of Love

On the right side of my blog post web panel, a list of categories await for assignment. Where does this session fall? Is it newborn, family, wedding, or uncategorized? Usually it is pretty clear but this one, this story I am about to share, is so much more complex than simply "family".

I received an inquiry for a session from a family travelling from Saskatchewan, but the mother had a very specific request. She wanted to make sure that I would be comfortable with photographing her breastfeeding her little girl.

I am a big advocate for breastfeeding (but also support that mothers have to do what work for them). I worked my ass off to get nursing established with my oldest. Just to cover my bases, I hired the same lactation consultant to ensure my second experience would be a smooth on. [For those of you interested in this magical woman, I would be happy to refer her!]. I have also worked with families as part of a Breastfeeding Awareness project.

So suffice it to say, I was more than willing to work with her request. In my eyes, being able to nurse your child, even past toddlerhood, is an amazing feat and a wonderful way to bond with your child. She's not getting any judgement from me.

When I finally met this family, I realized this mom's nursing story is one that transcends what most of us have experienced. Together, her and her husband have a son. However, somewhere through their journey as parents, they decided to look into adoption. This is how they found their way to Nunavut, and to this little aboriginal girl that is now theirs.

Adoptions are heartfelt stories, full of vulnerability, courage, doubts, and love. As timing would have it, this mother was still nursing her son when the adoption was finalized. She saw the opportunity to bond with her baby through breastfeeding and to this day continues to do so. In her mind, it is one of the things that makes her little girl happy. There is no question she would do it. In my mind, this is falls under the category of big love.

Thank you so much M & N, for sharing your special family story and trusting me to capture what is important to you. You have touched me with your ability to love the way you do!

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