Vancouver Documentary Birth and Family Photographer | Baby Tessa and the W Family


Vancouver Documentary Birth and Family Photographer | Baby Tessa and the W Family

Ever since my littlest turned 2, I have been sitting on the fence of baby #3. Some days when I feel like I got this parenting thing down pat, walking around feeling like the best mom to my babies, I can envision adding another one to the mix. For anyone who knows of my birth story, they will say the birth is not the hang up :).

The truth is, that is not how I feel most days. Almost always, I feel like I am on a hamster wheel, hustling for this business, giving care to my girls, and running the logistics of our family. Somewhere in there, my husband gets pencilled in. Somewhere in there, the mommy guilt drips thick through the cracks.

Like this morning, pressing redial 50 times (no that's not an exaggeration) to register both girls in swim lessons, only to be put on hold. When the operator finally came through, we got one class but not the other because "it just literally filled up while we were talking". All this is while my husband walks the girls to their classes and I am sitting in the car cursing at the phone, wondering if I am going to missing the first moments of Janie's first day at kindergarten.

Three kids? No way. Not for me. And my husband would say it (before me), not for him.

But I will say this. There are some moms (and dads!) out there that are incredible at parenting beyond two children. They just find the calm blue ocean when shit hits the fan. When I get to experience their wisdom and patience in the flesh, I feel inspired to be a better parent. It never ceases to amaze me how photographing families is really a gift they bestow on me.

This post is about two stories in one. When I talked to this family about their birth and day in the life sessions, we thought it would be incredible to photograph them as one story - a juxtaposition between a new baby's arrival and how she (seamlessly) fits into their family world. A glimpse into their dynamic world within a two week window. And I'll tell you. They didn't skip a beat.

R&D, thank you so much for bringing me on board, and hearing out my ideas for this collaborative story. Forever grateful for this!

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