Vancouver Family Photographer | Day in the Life, the M family


Vancouver Family Photographer | Day in the Life, the M family

I can't believe how quickly a year has passed since I have decided to focus on family photojournalism for my business.

I know what you are thinking. Is there such a thing? Doesn't that just mean candid family photos?

No. I'm not trying to bamboozle you. There is such a thing. To break it down from its fancy nancy term, family photojournalism simply means an unscripted, undirected approach to capturing how families embrace their everyday reality.

No photoshop, no liquify, no guidance, no polish, no cloning, no moving furniture. It really should be called family photography, stripped. But then it wouldn't sound as fancy.

Wait, who is going to hire me to shoot their nitty gritty life? Maybe no one, maybe someone.

Someone named Steve.

He wrote me and told me about his wife, Kim, and how she was moved by the Day in the life stories I have created for other families.

Then he asked if I could send her a note that said "To my love, our Day in the life story will give us just a glimpse of this chaotic, beautiful, crazy thing that is our lives together."

And they say dads are the toughest to win over for family photos.

As I followed the M family over the course of two half-days (to make a full day), I see two parents who love their children fiercely and whole-heartedly by embracing their every whim, tantrum, and giggle. Three kids mean a busy life, yet they still find ways to broaden their love to include so much more than just their own family circle.

It was a session that captured my heart from the moment Steve wrote me with his request for Kim. It will remain a session that exemplifies the kind of families I want to weave stories for.

There are so many favourites from my time with them I cannot list them all. Instead, I will try and embody this family's everyday life with this slideshow. For you Kim and Steve - this is your everyday love story. And for it, I am ever grateful. Thank you, many times over.

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