Vancouver Family Photographer | Day in the Life, at the Fair


Vancouver Family Photographer | Day in the Life, at the Fair

Here is a story about the time a family agreed that shooting at the fair would be great fun. My immediate thought was, yes! Evening session - the summer evening light, the lights from the rides, the colours, the sounds. And then the rain showed up, and to really kick things to the curb, the fair hours close at 6pm.

I mean, what? Why does a closing time of 6pm during summer hours make any sense? Don't they know what we have planned?!

It stinks, but this is real life. Sometimes things work out just as you had envisioned. Sometimes we go back the next day, when the sun is shining, but all the quintessential fair food stands are closed.  No summer evenings that rolled into colourful night lights, no slushies, no corn dogs.

But you get to meet families like the Broughtons and hear their story of how they take real life's lemons and make the best damn lemonade.

Their little girl, Zoe, was born prematurely with an outcome that looked bleak, but her parents fought the prognoses every step of the way because they wanted more for her.

They chose the fair because they knew their little boy, Liam, would love it, even if Zoe could not physically participate in much of the fanfare.

They are having a third baby because they cannot envision anything else but this complete picture of love and chaos that they will embrace whole heartedly.

They showed me how sweating the small stuff is just not worth it. At the end of the day, they just want to be together and healthy.

Nicole and Ryan, thank you for your wisdom and perspective. I am incredibly humbled to be the one to document your time in Vancouver. I cannot wait to hear news of Zoe saying buh-bye to her tracheostomy tube and of your baby girl's arrival!

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