Vancouver Family Photographer | Day in the Life vacation session around Vancouver


Vancouver Family Photographer | Day in the Life vacation session around Vancouver

I am not going to lie. When I first got this inquiry, I might have let out a "Eeeek!". Vancouverites all know how awesome our city is, how lucky we are to live here. But believe me, I felt the pride beaming as I got to hang out and share a couple of my favourite spots with this family on their visit here from Hong Kong.

Although it wasn't their first visit, they wanted to capture the wonder and magic through the first time eyes of their one year old girl. Walking through the colourful marketplace at Granville Island, trying her first ice-cream, chasing pigeons and geese, experiencing a gorgeous Vancouver sunset at Jericho Beach as the waves rushed onto shore, and the last of the paddleboarders squeaking in one last run. It was so much excitement that Charlotte needed a nap in middle of all of this.

Being able to travel to different countries and experience their cultures is such a wonderful thing for a child, no matter what age. It is about introducing a whole new way of seeing, participating, and embracing what is different. I want to create for this little girl a story she can look back on, and feel the experience of what her one-year old eyes saw that day. Her little feet trying to keep up with the fluttering pigeons and navigating through the busy market. The taste of maple vanilla ice-cream on her tongue. The dizzying feel of the playground spin cup. The bitterness of that suds from her bubble dish. The texture of the sand between her toes. And how much her parents wanted this for her, holding her hand through all of it, so that she can relive this trip and time in her life as much as she wishes. This is love.

Thank you Joana and Vincent for having me along and experiencing my own city through your eyes. I loved meeting you and hope to see you again when you return!

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