Vancouver Birth Photographer | Just as Planned


Vancouver Birth Photographer | Just as Planned

For any of us that are part of the birth community, we know that as far as birth outcomes go, nothing is for certain. Even those with a vast experience cannot say how it will turn out.

Plan as much as you wish, but you are likely in for at least a little bit of a surprise.

Janine and Brent had a plan for their second baby - to try for an outcome that didn't come to fruition for them with their first baby. The closer Janine got to her due date, the more optimistic she was about the possibility of a water birth at home.

One morning, Janine shared that she was pumping to help boost levels of oxytocin to kick start some contractions. The baby had dropped in position and she had been experiencing some minor back pain.

And sure enough, that evening, I received another message about her contractions coming at a steady pace. Close to midnight came the words: "I have called the midwives, it's time.".

As I was driving to their home, the thought "will I make it?" flashed through my mind. The roads were horridly slippery because of a torrential downpour. I could not believe it. But somewhere in my mind, I found a voice of comfort. I told myself that if I am meant to be there for any birth, I will make it. As much as I can prime for a baby's arrival, there is still no guarantee. So I relied on faith.

When I arrived, Janine had started pushing. It was humbling watching her focus with every contraction. Their bathroom was so serene. I could only hear the trickle of water in the tub, as Brent and his sister steadfastly aided her with every breath. Finally, the midwives arrived, in time for the final push, and to support Brent as he caught his baby girl, Mckenna.

As I was driving home later that morning, I was filled with gratitude for being witness to a woman's strength and grace, and was reminded of how pure love can be. And also that sometimes, even things like births can turn out just the way you had hoped, with the added surprise of catching your own baby. Janine and Brent, thank you so much for having me capture this incredible milestone for you. It will also have a special place in my heart.

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