Vancouver Documentary Family Photos | The Story of Hanna


Vancouver Documentary Family Photos | The Story of Hanna

As I walked the upstairs hallway looking at the old family photos that hung on the walls, I was told that the back porch used to be the front door to this house. Many moons ago, the only access to this place was by water. For just a minute, my mind was transported through time, wondering about all the different families that lived in this very home.

And now, I am here with Megan's family, biding adieu to a significant chapter in their lives. This place, their home for so many years, is nearing an end, and I have been invited to document their family brunch tradition that serves as the centrepiece of so many happy Sundays here.

But this is so much more than Sunday brunch. This is the sweetest ending to a story that I had started four months ago at Megan's Blessingway, followed up a few weeks later with Hanna's birth. I thought capturing her birth would be the culmination, and in some ways it was, but this family session is where it comes full circle. This is where Megan and Johan share with their little girl, a little sprinkle of magic that embodies this home.

Like, the saliva-inducing scent of the best homemade waffles and eggs.

This beach, where gently lapping waves tickle the barnacled pebbles.

This light-filled sunroom, where many memorable conversations took place around the fire.

Megan's bedroom, where she dreamed as a little girl.

As Hanna sat in her grandmother's lap, listening to her mom reading one of her own childhood books, I feel gratitude for being able to share in her story these past months. Like in The Song of the Sea, stories are a way to preserve the wonder and magic of the present, but the reward is really gifted on in the future, when they are shared and retold.

Hanna, this story is what your parents have envisioned for you - a way to relive the beginning days of your wonderful life, a gift to connect you with their roots, and a way to show you how very truly cherished you are.

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