Vancouver Family Photos| Day in the Life with The G Family


Often you hear, we really need to get our family photos done. For me, those words "family photos" has taken on a different meaning. Somewhere in the past year or so, a shift has happened. In my mind, they no longer appear as a family of (insert number here), sitting together with camera aware or candid expressions anymore.

Instead, when someone says "family photos", I see family life as frames of real moments, that when strung together represent a story that defines them.

I see parents that are willing to embrace everything parenthood has given them - the push pull dynamics, the vulnerability of sometimes not knowing, the bravery to pickup the broken pieces, the kindness and compassion that foster bonds, and the joy that fills their hearts by simply witnessing happiness in their children.

When I get asked to photograph a Day in the Life session for a family, I KNOW these parents see "family photos" the same way I do. My friend, Davina Fear, refers to this as documenting everyday familyness and I couldn't agree more.

Christine and Jared, thank you for asking me to spend the day with your family, for letting me experience your love for reading books, home-cooked meals, June's rad dance moves to classic rock, Cole's need for mommy cuddles, preschool t-ball madness, car races, bath time antics, and bedtime snuggles, baby babbling, and songs. Most of all, thank you for being just as you are and sharing your everyday familyness with me with such open and honest hearts. I hope this time capsule is as you had hoped and that it will bring you joy each time you look back on it.

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