Vancouver Documentary Photographer - Adi's Adoption Story

For the years I have been documenting families, I have learned early on that the definition of family extends beyond genetics and blood. This is especially true for my families who have chosen to adopt a child. The love and care is immediately apparent, and no different than if they were the birth parents.

The sentiment of “I have wanted you for so long” applies across the board, no matter the origin.

parents looking at new adopted baby boy in the arms of a family member
Dad looking at newborn baby boy in his carseat outside their home.

I have also learnt so many important things through documenting adoption stories for my families. They advocate for preserving their child’s birth identity and create space for these children to find out, on their own time, how their story started. One of the most impactful lessons I’ve learnt is how important it is to give adopted children the autonomy to share the details of their story with whom they choose, when they choose.

Welcome home balloons in the living room for newly adopted baby boy and his parents.
Family dog sleeping beside mom and newborn baby on the couch.

Another lesson is the use of positive language that would be sensitive and respectful to all parties involved in the adoption process. If you are interested in learning what this language looks like, start here.

Dog watching over newborn baby boy lying on the couch.
Mom reading Quran in English while Aunt feeds baby boy wiht a

This is a story of a beautiful family during their first 24 hours home with their baby boy. Similar to other families who have chosen adoption, the waiting was long, but once matched, it feels like a whirlwind. That part of the story, from matching to meeting him, is theirs to share, and this part is shared with permission and love. I will be forever grateful for witnessing the first day of their being a family, at home with their son. Courtney and Nabil, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity.

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