Vancouver Documentary Photographer - Why Documentary for Families?

Because “picture perfect” is an urban myth; there’s no premeditating the outcome of any given moment.

If I could assure you of one thing, it would be to let go of that end vision, take some risks, and trust that real life is going to give you exactly what you need to see — and I will be there to document it. 

And if your daughter choice of fashion sense is a full diaper wearing your high heels, or your son lying in the dog’s bed (on top of the dog) to read, or your little one sitting on the potty with the help of some screen time, or you and your partner arguing about how the dishwasher should be loaded?

I will show you how incredible that really is. 

No need to dress up the kids and take them anywhere special just for the sake of photographs. I come to you and photograph your family life in your most comfortable environment, being who you are at any given moment. But if the kids ask to bike to the monkey bars, or groceries are imminent because it is Sunday night, or you are too damn tired to cook, then let's load the minivan and head out.

Who you are together is a photograph waiting to happen and one that you won't stop looking at. So when your kids want to see what it was like growing up in this family, you can show them what it felt like

In this world where it seems everyone only shows the highlight reels of their lives on social media, I believe we have all be come too focused on comparison and perfection. 

Documentary photography is a space to embrace all the less than perfect, but equally powerful moments. 

It is a sacred space to me because it can act as a guide to help us see things for the way they really are. I observe your rich and complex lives, receive the ebb and flow, and discover stories that are more remarkable than any you can imagine.



What if our child does not behave?

Please don't apologize or feel embarrassed. The heart of documentary is to own your family's truth. If you child is being who they are with me, as they would with you, then I cannot ask for more. Children are often the most authentic of the bunch; their actions and expressions are pure and unfiltered and that, to me, is gold. Please do not be alarmed if I document those tender or challenging moments as well, because family life is a full spectrum of joy and tears.

What is print permission?

When you purchase high resolution files, I am giving you permission to make any prints at any size for personal use. In the rare case that printers require proof of this release, I can send something in writing to ensure permission.

Are there payment timelines?

There is a rough timeline. The session fee is required to confirm your session at the time of booking. Payment for product is due when your gallery is ready for viewing, typically 1 to 2 months after your session date. If you wish to order print products, payment will be required before your order is sent to the professional lab.

How will you use our session's photographs? What if I don't want to share, or do?

I am a big advocate for sharing photographs about real life because it can help normalize moments that are not as visually represented by traditional family portraits. The more we choose to be honest and less ashamed, the sooner we can let ourselves be seen. For this reason, I will ask for you to share and to give me permission to share the photos I have created for you. I may also use your images in my marketing and educational material. If I wish to use your images for commercial or editorial purposes (magazines, stock photography, licensing to third parties), I will seek permission on a case-by-case basis.

An industry standard model release allows me to use the images for any reasonable purpose for my portfolio and marketing. That being said, if you give permission to use these images, but do not wish to have your real names used in connection with them, I will respect that request to retain your family’s privacy.

If you wish to share, I ask that you give photo credit (either through the use of watermarked images or mentions). This will help others like you find me.

Do you accept payment plans?

Absolutely! If you prefer a payment plan, please let me know before we sign the client agreement. We will include the details of the schedule and payment instalments in the addendum so that we will both have a record of it.

What if I have to cancel/reschedule?

Your session retainer serves as a non-refundable fee. If you cancel more than 7 days before your session, the retainer may be transferred to a session at a future date within the calendar year. However, if you cancel less than 7 days before your session, I reserve the right to retain the amount in full.

If this post has your heart saying “This is exactly the time capsule what I want for my family!”, GET IN TOUCH so we can get started on your family story! I can’t wait to meet you!