Vancouver Family Photographer - Welcoming Willow

I love the idea of family pets. Between the ages of 7 and 11, I lived with extended family in a 700 square foot apartment in Singapore. During that time, we had seven, sometimes eight people living there, with two dogs, Buru and Happy, and two cats, Bunny and Old Cat. After moving to Canada, I only ever had dogs in my life and has since developed an allergy to cats. I discovered that sad piece of news when I went to rub my face into an orange tabby cat’s fur at the Vet one day.

So as a function of allergies, I will make known that I am a dog person.

Having my first dog as an adult only furthered that belief. Kona, my schnauzer-poodle, is my love, my life, and my therapy. My girls will wholeheartedly agree that sometimes, he is chosen over them. I’d also like to believe that dog sitting my Kona may have contributed to the necessity of a family dog for our dear friends, the Ryans. I 100% supported this need!

Meet Willow Strawberry Snickers Ryan.

Years…that’s how long they have waited and planned for this family dog. After multiple breed considerations, and working on a possible adoption with a couple of breeders, the Ryans finally found their new family member - a sweet double doodle. After photographing their first meeting and spending time with their family that day, I know she is meant for them. Willow is smart, fluffy, cuddly, and that underbite of hers is my favourite trait. To date, she has already destroyed some things in their home, including a pair of shin guards that nullified any hopes of field hockey practice one evening. But the joy she brings and the love that she gives…it makes this puppy stage all so worthwhile.

This is their puppy adoption story of Willow. Special thanks to Hazel & Stella Doodles for letting all of us love on their puppies that morning. I did ask if they were all spoken for, and probably a good thing they all were - I’m not sure my desire to have a puppy aligns with my state of life right now! Ryans, we are so happy for you and look forward to spending time with your Willow while you’re off on your adventures!

Felicia Chang is a documentary family photographer who’s passion is to preserve the family experience, just as it is and unapologetically. Contact her to find out about how to have your family story documented. You can connect with her at @feliciachangphoto on Instagram or sign up for her newsletter to stay in touch.

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