Vancouver Family Photographer | At home with the Gatiens


Vancouver Family Photographer | At home with the Gatiens

In-home sessions are a wonderful thing, particularly during the rainy months in Vancouver. There is no reason to stop documenting life when the sun ceases to shine. Although I have photographed this wonderful family a couple of times, once at Queen Elizabeth Park and another at Stanley Park (the grandparents love to explore our city's gems), this is the first time with just the four of them and in their home. Well actually, since we're counting, it's four and a half. That's right - if you don't already know, Babygats #3 is making an appearance in June.

I arrived at Pat and Cathy's home right in the middle of Sam's nap. Maya's got her parents all to herself, which as a first sibling, is probably a highly desired time. They take turns working through a workbook with her. "Serious" work led to mis-use of colouring markers, which then derailed into a gymnastics circuit involving Pat as a lifting and jumping-off station.

As Maya volunteers to wake up her little brother who is having a champion nap, she turns back to give me the most adorable sneaky smile as she creeps up the stairs. Sam stirs out of his peaceful slumber, happy as a snuggly clam. Meanwhile, Maya has cuddled into her parents' bed. When the rest of the family caught up to her, you can bet there was some tomfoolery :). When I look at the two kids hugging each other, there is no mistaking who's genes are shining through. Cathy laughed, and said that it would be nice if they did get one that looked like her.

All this silliness meant hungry bellies that needed snack time. According to Sam, crackers and apple sauce is the winning combination to try. Before heading out for a bike ride and road hockey, a dance party was requested with their favourite tunes as a warm up. Outside, their courtyard and alley became their playground. There were bike/run races, falls, paired with lots of laughs.

Sure there were no blooming flowers, or backlit trees, but I think this session captures the essence of this family best. This in-home session is a visual diary of their everyday mundane, but beautiful life, and documents just the way they are, together.

Here are some images from their session. Be sure to scroll down for their slideshow of their beautiful everyday!

Vancouver family photos | Felicia Chang Photography


The Gatien Family from Felicia Chang on Vimeo.

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