Vancouver Breastfeeding Portraits | At-home nursing session


Vancouver Breastfeeding Portraits | At-home nursing session

A couple of months ago, in the spirit of Christmas, I held a series of giveaways on my Facebook business page. One of them was for a nursing mini-session for a mother and her baby. The recipient of the draw and I finally pinned down a date and time that worked for us and yesterday, I got to meet this lovely mama at her sweet 10-month old boy in their beautiful home overlooking the north shore mountains.

Nursing is not always magical - I have first hand experience of how challenging it can be for a first-time mom. However, once the nitty gritty of the mechanics has been sorted out, and you find a quiet space to breathe in the physical and emotional bond that exist when you are nursing your baby, that moment can feel truly magical. The touch, the sucking and swallowing sounds, the staring of eyes, the close embrace. There is really nothing like it to express the love between mother and baby. No matter how long nursing persists, whether it is days, or years, I hope mothers can have at least one image of their nursing time to look back on with fondness and love.

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