Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Hospital session Baby Jackson


Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Hospital session Baby Jackson

"Birth is so surreal", says Andrea. She's right. One moment your baby is in your womb, the next, he is earthside and holding on to your fingers, slowly peeking at the world around him. The noise, the air, the smell, the colours; everything is amplified. And so is his family's love. From the time I last photographed them this fall, when Andrea shared her baby belly news with me, to now - you can see how much they love him. He is exactly what they had hoped for.

Andrea and Trevor and I have chatted about what a hospital newborn session would be like a few months before Jackson's due date. At first, they were unsure about it. They knew they wanted newborn photographs but a hospital session? Would it be too much to have a photographer in your space so soon after birth? It is a very private family time after all. However, as his arrival drew nearer, they decided it would be something pretty special to document. This is their third (and last) baby, and what better way to remember the joy and celebration surrounding Jackson's birth! When I got Andrea's message about Jackson's arrival, I bolted out of bed and lined up a couple of things so that I can have my morning to do this for her family.

Andrea is an all-star birth mama. She's in control, knows her contraction cues well, and births her babies in lightning speed fashion. The wonderful midwives of Midwifery Associates North Shore have been there for her two girls and it's the icing on the cake that they are able to be her support for this baby boy too. Except Jackson came so fast that it was the nurse on duty that helped with the delivery! Auntie Allison came to the rescue too by taking the girls for the night.

Eight short hours later, I got to meet Andrea and Trevor's new baby boy. When I arrived, Andrea was already walking around, holding her baby, looking quite comfortable to proceed with her daily routine. Trevor had gone home to pick up their girls so they can come to the hospital to bring their brother home together. When they arrived, she didn't miss a beat; jumping in to introduce Jackson to them. After lots of cuddles and a visit from the nurse to make sure they've got everything they needed, they packed up to head home. Since labour to discharge was only 12 hours, I am very thankful to be able to make it here at the hospital to capture the first moments of Baby Jackson's life.

Here are some images and slideshow from my morning with the family. Andrea and Trevor, I am so happy for you! Thank you for allowing me to come and document this amazing milestone!

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