Vancouver Family Photographer | Day in the Life Volume 2 - The Yuens


Vancouver Family Photographer | Day in the Life Volume 2 - The Yuens

As much as I advocate for families to have their everyday lives captured, I forget to heed my own advice. So, once in a while, I buckle down for a Day in the Life (DITL) project for my own family. Since our last DITL was last summer, we are overdue! Really, it's not as arduous as it seems. It is documenting the day, but there is much more time to be intentional about what I want to shoot and just follow the ebb and flow of the day's events.

It's Family Day weekend for us, which means my husband doesn't have work. My sister is visiting from Calgary and she has reserved a high tea at our favourite tea place to celebrate the weekend. It's also been to long since we've visited the aquarium so we thought we would throw that in. So this is how our day unfolded: morning, getting ready, breakfast, aquarium, high tea lunch, nap and quiet time, play time, dinner, bath, and bed. I know, you must be thinking, this is a lot for one day, but this is pretty normal for our weekends. It's like we're making up for not having much time as a foursome :). Our weekdays are much less jammed pack. What IS typical of our everyday is the numerous pitching of fits by our three-year old, regardless of the day of the week. To balance that out, we give lots of cuddles and hugs to reset and breathe.

Thank you for stopping in to see what our Day in our Life is like on this 7th day of February, 2015. The slideshow will tell a much better story, so don't forget to click on that!

Vancouver family photos | Felicia Chang Photography

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