Vancouver Family Photographer | Saturday morning with the Woodworth Family


Vancouver Family Photographer | Saturday morning with the Woodworth Family

This family, with roots in Ohio, decided it was time for a family adventure. To Vancouver. Well, if I had a choice between NYC and Vancouver, I would choose our fair city too! They settled in our beautiful community and that's how Andrea and I met, through our children's school. Andrea and her husband, Mike, had their first child Lleyton, and decided that their family needed more, so they adopted Bodhi, then Ruby. These three are as thick as thieves, as is quite evident during the morning that I spent with them in their gorgeous home. Mike insisted on running the baking show, because Andrea's batches of cookies don't usually turn out (to his standards). As they discuss the necessities of precision in baking, Ruby is having a great time sifting flour through her fingers and the boys were digging into the dough and licking it right off the mixer attachment! When their parents finally catch on to their shenanigans, they just laugh, and let them be. After the baking is done, Mike ups the fun ante by bringing out pots and pans while they drum to the Beattles. Lleyton takes the cake for the silliest of the three and milk is his favourite drink. Bodhi can out eat his siblings at any given meal and would rather the warmth of the indoors, than brave the cold outside. Ruby is all dressup and jewels, with a sweet sweet smile that gets away with anything - she's just the girl her mother has always wanted. And then there is Andrea, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a designer, always putting so much thought and heart behind everything she does. As I look around, there are little details so intricately strung together to create their home here. My favourites are the words that hang up on their walls, a constant representation of how important family is to them, and that home is where ever they are together and present.

Mike and Andrea have a special quote that stays tremendously close to their hearts, a portion of an Avett Brothers' song: "Always remember there is nothing worth sharing, like the love that lets us share our name". They started as the two of them, and now, their home is filled with the laughter and squabbles, wrestling and dancing, and kisses and hugs that represent the love they share as this family.

Andrea and Mike, thank you for letting me spend time with your family that morning, and for the fabulous send off of flowers and cookies. I am so very lucky to have met you! Your hearts are pure gold! And happy two-year anniversary to Ruby for her adoption! I hope she gets a little sister soon ;) !

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