Vancouver Newborn Photographer | A Lovely Day with the Goojhas


Vancouver Newborn Photographer | A Lovely Day with the Goojhas

A few months ago, I was sitting with my friend, Niamh, in her home, sipping warm tea and enjoying her company. As our girls are playing happily in one of the upstairs bedroom, we chat about the incredible journey her and her husband, Ciaran, have had the past few years. They had met in Ireland in the most romantic of stories: over a cadaver in anatomy class, and decided to make a leap together over to Vancouver. Then against the odds, they both landed wonderful job opportunities in the city - they can finally call Vancouver home! In this last year, they have found a beautiful house near the beach, their little girl started kindergarten, and now they are a few weeks away from meeting their second baby, a boy. Just when these big life events are starting to settle down!

As we are indulging in petit four, we exchange stories about our first borns, and the early days of parenthood with an infant. Our stories are not that different, in that exhaustion and stress were at an all time high! Both our first babes had challenges nursing and weight gain was a constant worry. To Niamh, her birth experience was the onset of this uphill grind during the first months, so this time around, she was determined to find a different way. Being a doctor didn't make her any more prepared for newborns; she still went through this steep learning curve that is the transition into motherhood. However, this time around, she has the benefit of experience and Ciaran's invaluable support to get through any obstacles that may come their way.

It's been 10 weeks since the birth of Zachary. His big sister, Amelia, is over the moon about her brother. She has extended her love for her Rogers (her collection of white bunnies) to him, by giving Zach his very own brown Roger. She's been her parents' best helper; changing diapers, fetching towels, combing his hair after a bath, keeping him warm, comforting him when he cries, and the list goes on. She's been the single child for a while, but is so happy to share the attention (most of the time) with her new sibling. The first two months have been a MUCH better experience for them and Zach's pudgy self is outgrowing his clothes faster than they can keep up with stocking the next batch! Really, if the only thing they have to troubleshoot is his colic, (which by the way is curbed with medical books under one side of his crib mattress), then life is pretty smooth sailing!

This Sunday morning in their home, Niamh and Amelia are whipping up a stack of banana oatmeal pancakes, Ciaran's brewing top quality coffee in their favourite coffee mugs, Zachary is settling into his morning nap, and I get the visual delight of observing and documenting their little family. Four is pretty perfect, especially in their west coast home, nestled into a hillside of greenery. I almost asked for a guest room to be reserved just for me when they served s'mores sandwiches crafted in their backyard outdoor fireplace for lunch. At any given day like today, where there is no rain, they would load up their red wagon with beach toys, blankets, and snacks, and take a stroll down to the beach in the bay. As I captured the last few moments of our time together, I can feel the love that connects, defines, and sustains this foursome, and I could not be happier for the way things have turned out for my friends.

Niamh and Ciaran, thank you for always being so generous with your friendship and for this - your trust in my work means so much and I am incredibly blessed with your support and encouragement! In time, I hope these images will allow you to look back with fondness and see how sweet this slice of your life truly was; leaky bath tubs, spit up stained shirts, on-call schedules, and all-too-comfortable racoon families habituating your backyard, and all!

Vancouver newborn photos | Felicia Chang Photography

A Lovely Day with the G family from Felicia Chang on Vimeo.

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