Vancouver Family Photographer | Day in the Life with Fox

Being pregnant with your first child is an exciting thing. You also feel grateful for a smooth pregnancy and the ability to enjoy this journey of anticipation. Until the due date is here but the baby is not. And then that joy of anticipation turns to anxiety and you become increasingly irritable every time someone asks you if you have had your baby yet. Just ask poor Carly.

Well Mister Fox here decided to make a very late entry, and when he did, it took a few doctor visits to sort everything out. Half a year later and here we are. A chunky monkey who doesn't like to be messed with when it comes to food, that sleep is not a necessity for mom or dad, and life should be as colourful and diverse as the world his parents have shown him. In the century-old apartment building that they call home, the walls hang with memories of travels and dreams, and bikes. Let's not forget them bikes. I have no doubt a run bike will be in Fox's future soon after he can walk, and at two, will likely be graduated to a pedal bike. So in anticipation of his biking future, I have put together a slideshow of your Day in the Life morning to an appropriate song. Carly and Jessie, thank you for having me on this beautiful morning at your home and also over to one of my favourite places in the city! I can't wait to follow along with your family story.

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