Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Baby Everett

My friend Eva told me that at a local hospital, photographers under contract have started coming around offering newborn photos. With a cart of props. Within 24 hours of birth.

I know it's cute and all, but having a newborn is so much more than a sleeping baby with their name spelt out with wooden blocks.

For me, newborn photography should reflect what life is like when a new baby is added to the mix. The newborn scent that's like crack - it keeps you coming back. The wrinkled toes and fingers, the dry flaky skin, long fingernails partially torn. The way they root for milk, mixed with the challenges of getting the right latch. Nursing or diaper changing while trying to parent older siblings. And the exhaustion to the point of delusion - it makes the dozing zzzz's you log while nursing seem like such a bonus.

Then, you take a step back from being in the thick of it, and see family and friends who are coming around to offer their support and congratulations. Those first few months, it truly takes a village.

Eva and Paul, I hope these collection of images will help you remember all the hard work you put in and wonderful support you had during these fast-flying first weeks with baby Everett and his big sister!

Grandparents cuddling with newborn grandson baby playing with fingers on bed in bedroom Big sister comparing feet size with newborn baby brother Big sister helping mom change new baby mom shushing baby to comfort him Curled up baby toes while baby is nursing Mommy staring at newborn baby boy Mom changing baby into new sleeper Mom and dad looking at sleepy baby after nursing Dad burping newborn baby boy

I would love to capture your unique everyday life, just as you are, and preserve those memories for days when they start to fade. So get in touch and we can start chatting about what’s important to you and your family to remember, years from now.