Vancouver Family Photographer | Day in the Life Maternity

Vancouver Family Photographer | Day in the Life Maternity

Spring babies. I mean I know that babies come into the world all year round, but this Spring, I am awaiting a handful. Including one from this family of four, about to be five.

This session, if it needs to be categorized, is a maternity session. But there is nothing about this that fits the mold of pregnant bellies, clad in pretty lace gowns. Instead of focusing on the beauty of pregnancy, we are paying tribute to what it means to be pregnant and a mother to two children, in an ordinary yet beautiful everyday life.

So I present you, this family's Day in the Life, Maternity edition.

To this family, weekend mornings are housecoats and pajamas, dressing only when they leave their home. Ipads and tv, like so many of our fond childhood weekend mornings. Crepes by daddy, with big spoonfuls of whip cream and fruit. Little feet that stomp around like baby elephants while they run up and down the hallway.  Rediscovering pool noodles that double as light sabers perfect for a family showdown. Mommy tandem nursing her children while feeling her baby move in utero. Treats at the local corner store that have been in their neighbourhood for decades.

Life does not stop, and it certainly does not slow down at any trimester, let alone the third. No matter how exhausted or sore her body is, this mama wakes up swinging for the fences where her family is concerned. Every ordinary and beautiful day.

M & M, I cannot wait to see you and your new baby in a few short weeks! Thank you for having me on this incredible ride with your family.

To book a session with me for a birth, newborn, family life story, or travel sessions, simply contact me and we can start chatting about what’s important to you and your family to remember, years from now.

kids asking for mom's attention little girl nursing and cuddling with mom two siblings watching saturday morning cartoons girl playing under pillow on kitchen floor mom watching her daughter stuffing a crepe into her mouth mom trying to help her daughter change out of her pajamas at the breakfast table boy playing with his batman toys boy pulling out his dressup wardrobe and tossing it onto the floor mom taking ipad away from her kids family play fighting with pool noodles in the bedroom mom tandem nursing her two kids mom playing with her kids in bed dad trying to dress his daughter mom trying to dress her son Mom brushing her son's teeth in the washroom mom tying her daughter's hair while dad is taking a toy away from his son mom trying to get her son to put on his jacket family choosing their treats at their cornerstore grandmother giving ice-cream treat to her granddaughter while mom looks on siblings fighting over toys