Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Hospital to Home Day in the Life


Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Hospital to Home Day in the Life

Waiting to meet your baby is a practice of patience. I think this is particularly true for moms who are having their next babies. Some moms just want it done because the nausea, full bladder, siatica, or just about any pregnancy discomfort, is getting too much to bear. Others have simply nested the heck out of every corner of their home, not pointing any fingers. Baby can come now, thank you!

Since we first connected about being on-call for her hospital newborn session, Lorraine and I have been checking in during countdown to baby #3.

"You don't happen to be going into labour today are you? I need a legit excuse to get out of this pole dancing birthday party."

"Kavie doesn't want a baby tonight because of Federer's big match at the Australian Open finals." "Yup, I'm with him! #goteamfed"

"Baby's head is low and engaged, could happen anytime!" "Midwife joked that she'd see us at womens".

With all the party in the belly and indicators of labour onset weeks before his due date, Baby Zavian finally joined his family a little after forty weeks. He took his time to arrive but raced for the finish in Usain Bolt fashion - perfectly timed for Family Day celebrations.

I know this may seem prosaic, but the first few hours post-birth are love for a baby in the purest form. Adrenaline is high, and post-partum blues and fatigue have not yet found their way. Mothers who are not first-timers know this, and protect this time if they can. The rest of the family can wait just a little while before regularly scheduled life resumes.

It was so amazing to observe (and document) this quiet and calm with Lorraine and Kavie during Baby Zavian's first hours of life. Everything is new to him - it is the moments of firsts, including meeting the rest of the family when they arrive! That little hospital room, so small the bathroom was in the closet, was descended with BIG love. The celebrations continued at home later that day, for there is nothing like the comforts of your own space, filled with family eager to help and share in this joy. The shift to transition to a family of five has already started for their everyday life. Even now that the child-adult ratio has been tipped, these two parents carry on like heroes. Like Kavie, who continues to dole out wrestles and tickles with Zavian in arm. And Lorraine, who did not miss a beat singing to and tucking in her older babies like she did the night before.

Two down and the night begins with their new baby. No better way to kick it off with a little wine from glasses washed weeks ago!

Lorraine and Kavie, thank you so much for trusting me to be there for that first day in your life as a family of five. I have loved seeing the changes from our last session and cannot wait to capture the next phase of your day in a life inn a few months! For now, I hope this story will always help you remember how magical your first hours with Zavian were.

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