Vancouver Family Photographer | Embarking on Change

I got this request a few months ago. It is just the sort of project I love to document.

"PLEASE come and photograph my family as we embark on transforming my partner's family home (built by her parents) into a next generation modern home for our kids to grow up in. I'm sure there will be lots of surprises, laughter, tears, sweat and hopefully an end result that will hold a lifetime of family memories! We'd love to have memories of how the house is now and how it will change over the course of 3 months to fit our family."

When I met with Marlas and Shannon to plan the best way to capture this history-making change, we decided that a before and after home session would do just nicely! And maybe, just maybe a little reveal session in between :).

It was another ordinary Saturday morning in Marlas and Shannon's home. The kids were high on imaginative play at the living room's fireplace area that is their "stage". A snack, some intentionally spilt milk, and the creation of a zombie purple-green snake later, they walked by a kitchen beam and realized it's been a while since the kids' last height measurement. The fresh pencil markings relative to the smudged ones below indicate quite the growth spurt for London and Skylar. As we waited for the rain to let up for a little trampoline fun, they show me the plans for their new home post-transformation. In a few months, they will be back in this place to start a new chapter of family life here, where it all began a few generations ago. And not to worry, that piece of wood carrying the markings of milestones reached, will no doubt be a fixture somewhere in their new home.

I would love to capture your unique everyday life, just as you are, and preserve those memories for days when they start to fade. So get in touch and we can start chatting about what’s important to you and your family to remember, years from now.

Tea party with miniature tea set between a brother and sister Measuring height for kids kids riding on mom in the living room mom and daughter making zombie snakes Kids Playing with toys in the kitchen moms looking at house plans kids on a trampoline in backyard a girl with a Hoola hoop in the backyard Girl's portrait in the backyard Mom and little boy laughing together in backyard A little boy's bed head