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The Walkups had a vision. They wanted a house with a wide open space to play, to raise their children. When they found this beautiful home in a country suburb just outside of Denver, with three acres to roam and play, it was a no brainer - they traded in their city life because they just knew they would be happy there.

And lucky for me, they happen to the sort of kind and lovely people that offered to open their home and life to Kirsten and I while I was in Denver for my photography mentorship. High school sweethearts from Oregon, Melissa and Cody made their way to Colorado in search of work and now, a decade later, they have three beautiful children, Cameryn, Cooper, and Caden, and two very, very awesome dogs. Just two days ago, they've added a new family member - Murphy. Now each child gets their own puppy!

In the thick of fun while hanging out with the Walkups, I noticed that their walls are full of photos that represent the love that Melissa feels when she photographs her own family. During our correspondence before the session, Melissa mentioned that her babies are her muse but because she's the one behind the camera, she's hardly in any of these photos. I think we can help change that!

Melissa, Kirsten and I are so happy to be able to do this for you and your family. In the most ordinary of days, where you and Cody are shoulder-deep in work, routines, laundry, dishes, groceries, baths, and bedtime, we are here to help you remember that life like this is truly remarkable and beautiful even when you feel like you're struggling some days. Thank you so much for your time and hospitality! We hope that you are able to find many images that you love and above all, represent how "you were there, too".

The Walkups from Felicia Chang on Vimeo.

I would love to capture your unique everyday life, just as you are, and preserve those memories for days when they start to fade. So get in touch and we can start chatting about what’s important to you and your family to remember, years from now.